The Science of Reconnective

The Science Behind Re-connective

White Paper Study

Scientific Evidence for Reconnective Healing®

By: Ann L. Baldwin, PhD

In this report the need for an integrative healthcare system is discussed, leading to a description of Biofield Therapy in general and Reconnective Healing in particular. Reconnective Healing as defined by Eric Pearl is: “…not just energy healing, but instead a more comprehensive spectrum of healing composed of energy, light and information.” Scientific evidence is presented that supports the capability of external fields or frequencies altering physiological function at the cellular level. The five currently published peer-reviewed research papers involving Reconnective Healing are summarized and critiqued both individually and as a group in terms of whether they provide evidence that Reconnective Healing has consistent physiological outcomes. Clinical data relating to Reconnective Healing are provided by two of the studies, one of which involved 78 participants. The results of all the studies are highly consistent, strengthened by the fact that data were obtained from a variety of very different techniques and that the experiments were performed by different groups of research scientists. These results indicate: (i) exposure of a healer or healee to Reconnective Healing, either directly or indirectly, amplifies their degree of autonomic arousal and energy, (ii) Reconnective Healing can reduce pain and improve range of motion in people with shoulder limitations better than Physical Therapy, and  (iii) when individuals experience Reconnective Healing as a group, their autonomic function becomes entrained, meaning they are emotionally connected. The currently published research findings are very promising but more clinical and physiological research performed on different populations under a range of conditions is needed in order to expand the evidence for this novel healthcare approach.