Heart Thread

The Simple Easy and Effective Way to Bring Harmony Through the Heart
Reconnect with the Powerful Flow of your Life Force Energy

Heart Thread

1 Hour

Children are the natural healers of our world. Imagine a healthy 
newborn baby, so often the first image we see is a wide eyed, smiling
child who is emanating pure light. As children develop in the first few
 years they are quick to hug you, touch you and speak truth. They live
 from the essence of their heart.
When I first learned HeartThread: a modality facilitated with love as  the thread, that releases self-doubt, unwinds old, limiting patterns
held in our body and brings in self-authority, I marveled at its
simplicity and effectiveness and I immediately thought of how children
 do this in their natural state of being.

 Have you ever noticed how much better you feel after receiving a hug
 from a child? Or how accurate a child’s simple words are? Children
 connect to you straight from the heart and their touch and the
vibration of their voice is naturally healing. These are the principals
 of the HeartThread work. When we enter the world our “container”, our
 body is pure and open to infinite love. When we grow as humans we often
 forget this limitless pure essence and become burdened with

The container for the transformation of limitation is love, acceptance,
constancy, presence and space. There has to be room in the body for the
new to come in and the old to leave. Just understanding something
 mentally does not provide the space necessary for transformation, which
is the objective of HeartThread.
As we grow, our body gets filled with false messages that keep us from
 living our fullest potential. This occurs when children are hurt by
 adults, bullied or invalidated and it is precisely these incidents that
 cause a tear in our essence. Imagine a child whose teacher puts
pressure on him while standing at the chalkboard thus creating a
 feeling of inadequacy; a child caught in the middle of an argument
between his parents and asked to take sides. A child made fun of on the
 playground by her peers for reading books instead of running around.
 Most people have experienced situations like this as a child and we
 begin to doubt ourselves, perhaps lose a bit of self-confidence.
 Equally damaging, our self-esteem begins to be whittled away.
 HeartThread sessions restore our self-esteem and release the pain and
 false beliefs caused by such incidents.
These type of unresolved hurts, grief and disappointments are shunted
 to parts of our body where patterns develop that “hold” our fears and
 angers. These unexpressed emotions and mental ideas of reactivity
 become beliefs that reside within our bodies, creating places of “held”
 energy and dis-ease. Our breath no longer reaches the innermost parts
of us, thus creating stagnation and separation in our body and within
 its systems.

When we are joined through the heart, we feel safe. As an organism,
 this sense of safety influences and affects every cell in our body. No
 matter what has happened to us mentally, emotionally, or physically,
 holding our heart with the HeartThread intention energizes all of our
 cells, bringing light into them, balancing them, opening them, and
 assisting them to flow with the energy of our consciousness.
 HeartThread has proven to be very effective with children. Part of the
 appeal to children I have worked with is how easy and simple the
 sessions are. I have utilized HeartThread with children ages 10 to 17,
 offering individual sessions then group sessions with their parents.
 One 10 year client old wrote the book, How The Heart Works (found on
Lulu.com) following a HeartThread session. 

 I am passionate about bringing the HeartThread work to the world
 especially focusing on families and schools. I am equally passionate
 about bringing forth developmentally appropriate child care and
 education arenas for our children. Schools and home care facilities
 that respect the wisdom of children by guiding and teaching to their
 level and to the full essence of their spirit, mind and body. Where
modalities that bring balance and wholeness to a child, as well as
 create a safe foundation of unconditional love are a daily offering.
When children grow and learn in such arenas they will grow in the
 fullness of themselves and perhaps never need to utilize modalities
 such as HeartThread. For now, HeartThread is one of the powerful
 healing modalities available to restore wholeness, bring in
self-authority, release self doubt and transform people so as to live
in the essence of their infinite self and love.

HeartThread is a simple, direct way to shift long-term patterns held in the body. These patterns form the structure of our lives physically, mentally, and emotionally. Through making these patterns conscious, the energy system opens, releasing constriction in the body and mind.

HeartThread brings clarity and understanding of physical patterns affecting behavior and belief systems, which determine our approach to life. Through conscious awareness of our patterns, shifts occur in the body/mind/emotion/spirit, allowing us to live without restriction and fear.

1-1 Heart Thread session

Creating a heart link

A heart link is created between “practitioner,” client and anyone present. This connection extends beyond the room and links together all life forms that comprise the living weave of creation. It can even be done over the phone!

It is a “place” in consciousness where one experiences a unified field based on oneness. In this “place”, we transcend our feelings of separation and isolation.

A Heart Thread session focuses on the back, neck and shoulders.  Through massage and gentle touch, done through clothing, these areas are helped to release both physical tension, and emotions associated with past and present challenges.  These are areas of the body that are generally harder for us to release ourselves – especially the upper back, behind the heart, and so being supported to do so can bring benefits that we can’t normally experience.  At the start of the session I will ask you to place your hands over your heart, so that you can also feel connected to yourself and the wisdom that resides within.

As I work with you, your own body’s wisdom communicates ‘truths’, phrases that I speak out loud for you to repeat.  Hearing these spoken aloud allows you to hear key messages from your own inner knowing, which our conscious minds can often by-pass, when we are communicating internally with ourselves.  Hearing and repeating these ‘truths’ encourages you to feel more empowered and in your own self-authority – helping you to respond in new ways towards yourself, others and the world around you.

Will I be able to remember these ‘truths’?

I will record the session, so that you will be able to play it back (via a computer or MP3 Player) or I will send you a written summary of the key messages.  Listening to or reading these a number of times after the session is recommended, as it helps to embed the learning that has arisen.

Client reviews of Heart Thread

“I felt like I was held within a lovely centered space, that was very healing – with my Heart Thread session”.

Do I need to come prepared with a specific issue to work on?

At the beginning of a session I find that it is helpful to set an ‘intention’ – what you would like to focus on – you may know already what you would like to work on, or prefer to let the intention arise quite naturally.  Setting an intention sends a signal that you are ready to work on a specific part of your life, an issue that you would like to move-on from or resolve.

How many sessions will I need?

You may find that one session is all that you need, or, once you've let the session ‘settle’ you may want to have another one.  I will leave that up to you or we can discuss what else is arising for you and whether another session of Heart Thread, or another modality that I work with, would be beneficial.

Do I need to see you in person?

Not necessarily, Heart Thread can be done via telephone or Skype connecting with you by voice and video link, in the case of Skype.  I would suggest that we connect in either of these ways directly before the session begins, so that we can ‘meet’ and introduce ourselves.