Childrens Yoga Meditation

Children's Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is being widely practiced as a pathway for stress relief and inner peace. Children until now have had very little outlets to cope with every increasing stress in the world. Alone in within the practice they are able to learn focus and inner balance. The space between breathes offers balance and can become a retreat during those less than harmonious days. The practice also offers the ability to align with our own inner truth. When conflict with others occur we are able to act in a firm but loving we are able to bring in greater resolution to ourselves and to others.

Karen is thrilled to be deepening her Yoga Teacher training with Wee Yogi's. Yoga opens the heart thus enhancing the exchange of love and connection between children, parents and siblings.

When we practice yoga as a family and learn to breathe together we begin to work more harmoniously as one unit. 

The Yoga Meditation practice is encouraged not only for the children but also for the entire family. 

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