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Rev. Karen Trujillo-Heffernan, founder of Surfin' Your Soul is a mother, author and speaker who holds a bachelors degree in Sociology and is certified in Early Childhood Education; Perpetual Motor Development; Family Coaching, Re-connective Healing; Angel Therapy; Heart-thread & Accelerated Thinking Process. 

Karen is available to personally provide training to become a certified Heart-Thread Facilitator and Surfin' Your Soul Family Facilitator.

Karen offers opportunities for people to connect to their true self as well as strengthen relationships in their life. Clients utilize Karen's services to assist in transcending depression, addiction, anger, fear as well as facilitate open heart communication, open the heart and inspire the soul.

Karen is also a passionate entrepreneur who is brilliant at igniting & inspiring people on their business ventures.

One of her business passions is Powur; check it out:

Why us?

We offer opportunities for every individual to live from the purest essence of your soul. 

We invite you to participate in an individual or group session you feel will expand your spirit.