A Childs New Healing Journey

Karen Trujillo- Heffernan is the Founder of Surfin' Your Soul and Facilitator for  Children's healing journeys. Karen graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Sociology. She is passionate about  share her experience as a mother,  early childhood educator, CA mentor teacher, family coach and healing arts practitioner to open pathways to healing for families.
HeartThread & Reconnective healing are two of the modalities she offers family to deal with issues such as addiction, disease and abuse as a way to reconnect back to self; restore balance & oneness and re strengthen the heart of the family unit as a whole. When dealt with at a soul level often times experience the loss of a loved one or 'tragic' incident in the family can become a process filled with life lessons. Often time children have more clarity and understanding about this then adults do. As children find themselves in hospitals, foster care, with behavioral issues and dying young, I believe their souls are offering loved one tremendous growth opportunities. Karen uses her natural intuitive gifts along with HeartThread, Reconnective Healing and soul scribe sessions to facilitate understanding and clarity amongst families with such children. She feels called by the children to represent them. She is dedicated to developing Surfin' Your Soul facilitators to support these learnings and work with all families that feel drawn to this support.